Pulls and pressure on online Stairlift opinions

The decision to install a Stairlift is never taken lightly for the following reasons

  • The admission of frailty is difficult to comprehend
  • The costs associated with buying Stairlifts
    • they are expensive
    • there are costs associated with maintenance


The benefits associated with Stairlifts

The benefits become apparent only after the person experiences the degree of independence with mobility. Moving from a lower floor to the upper floor without needing extensive changes to the interiors bring comfort and keeps the person relaxed. The benefits are not tangible in terms of quantity. As time goes by and the daily rhythms of life are back to normal, only the person using the Stairlift and their close family members realize the difference in the quality of life.

This is the takeaway by stairlift manufacturer Acorn. In online forums like Acorn Stairlifts complaints persons who have bought Stairlifts express their opinions, issues and suggestions for further improvement. Acorn accords the highest priority to such feedback. They have the pulse of their customers throbbing in their mission statement. As a product manufacturer aimed at providing better mobility function, Acorn depends on issues raised in Acorn Stairlifts complaints. This attitude and approach are ingrained into the DNA of Acorn ever since they decided to start manufacturing their own Stairlifts in 1993. They are operating three manufacturing centers in Britain supplying nearly 60,000 units in 80 countries.

This level of expertise and leadership status is possible only when they provide dependable and safe mobility units for people who need them. Other manufacturing entities need to understand that people buy Stairlifts only when necessary. It is never an impulse buy or a status purchase. After much thought and consideration are a purchase made; hence, it is prudent on the part of Acorn Stairlifts to give careful consideration to the online feedback they get from several forums.

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Old school solutions for modern customer issues

Consumer complaints about products they buy fall under two categories. The first category is a consumer is dissatisfied with the purchase and wants to return for no specific reason The customer posts a fictitious reason. The company does not want to antagonize a customer and refunds the money back with no questions asked. The second category of consumer dissatisfaction deals with product issues, which appear to be genuine. In most cases the company is sweeping consumer complaints under the rug, Acorn Stairways complaints largely belong to a third category. They either are sponsored complaints or just trolled by professional trollers. Disruption and upsetting potential customers is the name of the game trollers are interested in.

Acorn Stairlifts is a well-known company the world over for manufacturing and installing quality stairlifts. They have devised a unique strategy of handling Acorn Stairlift complaints. By focusing on their core strength of quality workmanship by the nearly 400 people, working in their three plants in England the product offerings carries a guarantee to be free from any kind of defect. They have instituted almost 30 checks and balances during the production process and a further 38 checks during installation. They know their product and having installed over 400,000 units in two decades speaks volumes for their adherence to safety and quality.


Negating any furor raised in Acorn Stairlift complaints forums online the company is able to stem untoward incidents. There have been genuine complaints pertaining to customer issues that are addressed promptly resulting in over 91% of customers expressing deep satisfaction. This approach allows Acorn Stairlift unchallenged industry leader status and other manufacturers benchmark their strategies on such proven methodologies. True it is old school but in association with modern production technologies and big data analysis, the problems arising out of new world technology and attitudes are kept under control.

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Mobility in the elderly is a freedom issue

People with mobility issues rate the factor of independence as the single biggest impediment in their lives. It is a tacit admission that even though the spirit is willing the flesh is letting them down. The other factor concerning mobility occurs due to falls and fractures of the hip (in most cases) or arthritic conditions which leave the joints so inflamed that walking up and down the stairs is a painful problem. This is the period when the elderly need to figure out whether moving is an option? Sentiments and comfort zone factors come into play here causing untold distress in the people’s lives.

One of the best options at this stage is to consult whether a Stairlift is a right choice. This mobility device can counter the above reasons rather well

·         Living in familiar dwelling is retaining comfort zone of living

·         Degree of independence in moving from floor to upper floor increases mobility

·         Less despairing moments leads to relaxed state of mind


The next step generally involves checking reviews of Stairlifts. Going through Acorn Stairlift complaints both positive and negative reviews are balanced. From the tone of the negative reviews it can be surmised that there, is a commonality to the language and issues such as technicians arriving late (fifteen minutes), 24-hour help desk not available (there is a definite need for this) and teething technical problems just after installation (standard for all Stairlift manufacturers). Credit is due to consumers’ highlighting in Acorn Stairlift complaint forums allowing this leader in Stairlift manufacturing to improve customer care. The company Acorn is listening and improving as witnessed by record sales in the year 2015 giving them the necessary impetus to increase marketing facilities in Franc and Asia. As a global leader selling more than 400,000 units in 23 years, Acorn Stairlift owes its customers and potential users, customer care of the highest standard and be the benchmark for other manufacturers.

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Creating better safety Stairlift standards

The largest Stairlift Company in the world is Acorn Stairlifts. They are based in Yorkshire with three manufacturing centers in Britain producing over 60,000 Stairlifts annually. With this kind of capacity, Acorn installs a Stairlift every eight minutes somewhere in the world. They have offices in over 80 countries. With such a global reach, there are a few instances of issues aired on Acorn Stairlifts complaints sections in online communities. While most of these comments pertain to the deficiency in service it quickly becomes clear the person behind these complaints could be the same person or entity considering the name Anonymous being the common factor. To the reader of these comments, it appears as if a concentrated troll attack is aimed, towards this Stairlift manufacturing company.


Digging further via search engine query produced a single result of two pensioners receiving fatal injuries because of accidents caused by the crashing Stairlift. Recently the coroner delivered the judgement that laid the blame on faulty welding of the seat posts of the Stairlifts. Acorn Stairlifts expressed their grief extending condolences to the family and immediately took corrective action of recalling 250 units after investigations proved that the welding was done in Taiwan and there was no way for inspection engineers during installation to notice the defect. Acorn detected 38 Stairlifts had faulty welding. Checks and balances in Acorn manufacturing undergo nearly 30 inspections during the manufacturing process in England. During installation, the further 37-point checklist is undertaken. In 20 years of Acorn manufacturing, these were the only two instances that were detected. Acorn Stairlifts have strengthened their inspection to avoid any such accidents not only to address issues arising out of Acorn Stairlift complaints but more towards achieving zero defects in the products they manufacture.


Every Stairlift is tested for a minimum of 25000 return journeys based on research findings that a Stairlift is used for about 6 return journeys per day. This means that Stairlifts are tested for an 11-year cycle. These stringent production and management practices have produced the ISO 9001 quality management certification as well as environmental management certification ISO 14001.

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Acorn Stairlift rising

Stairlift was first invented by C. C. Crispen in 1920. Historians would like to credit King Henry the VIII for a chairlift; for the purpose of this article we will leave it to history and confine the article to commercial Stairlifts. As it became popular for the freedom it offered to the elderly and handicapped the modern Stairlift went through several developments with the result that today any type of staircase can be fitted with a Stairlift in a matter of hours. Since the development of thread fitting and not to the wall, several manufacturers are offering Stairlifts. The field is very competitive. One name stands out and that is Acorn Stairlifts. They are UK based in Steeton, Yorkshire and have three manufacturing bases in Britain producing 60,000 state-of-the-art Stairlifts annually and exported to over 80 countries across the globe. Brexit holds no fears, neither are issues posted on Acorn Stairlift complaint forums, nor any kind of competition. Acorn stands atop as the largest manufacturer of Stairlifts.


They have Stairlifts for straight stairs, curved staircase, and outdoor use. All Stairlifts undergo rigorous checks. To ensure safety Acorn Stairlifts are tested for a minimum of 25000 return journeys which is equivalent to 11 years use. During the production phase, each unit is checked 29 times for safety and quality. Their 20-man quality assurance team is one of the best in the business. There is little wonder at Acorn Stairlift achieving the coveted ISO 9001 certification for quality management practices. During installation, the process of checks and balances is carried via a 37-point checklist. This ensures safety and functionality. These are the reasons that any issue raised in Acorn Stairlift complaint online forums holds no problems.

Acorn has also the BS EN European Safety Standards as well as Worldwide Standards for Stairlift certification. They are pushing ahead in Europe with new marketing facilities in France. The growth path of Acorn Stairlifts is rising steadily.