Acorn Stairlift rising

Stairlift was first invented by C. C. Crispen in 1920. Historians would like to credit King Henry the VIII for a chairlift; for the purpose of this article we will leave it to history and confine the article to commercial Stairlifts. As it became popular for the freedom it offered to the elderly and handicapped the modern Stairlift went through several developments with the result that today any type of staircase can be fitted with a Stairlift in a matter of hours. Since the development of thread fitting and not to the wall, several manufacturers are offering Stairlifts. The field is very competitive. One name stands out and that is Acorn Stairlifts. They are UK based in Steeton, Yorkshire and have three manufacturing bases in Britain producing 60,000 state-of-the-art Stairlifts annually and exported to over 80 countries across the globe. Brexit holds no fears, neither are issues posted on Acorn Stairlift complaint forums, nor any kind of competition. Acorn stands atop as the largest manufacturer of Stairlifts.


They have Stairlifts for straight stairs, curved staircase, and outdoor use. All Stairlifts undergo rigorous checks. To ensure safety Acorn Stairlifts are tested for a minimum of 25000 return journeys which is equivalent to 11 years use. During the production phase, each unit is checked 29 times for safety and quality. Their 20-man quality assurance team is one of the best in the business. There is little wonder at Acorn Stairlift achieving the coveted ISO 9001 certification for quality management practices. During installation, the process of checks and balances is carried via a 37-point checklist. This ensures safety and functionality. These are the reasons that any issue raised in Acorn Stairlift complaint online forums holds no problems.

Acorn has also the BS EN European Safety Standards as well as Worldwide Standards for Stairlift certification. They are pushing ahead in Europe with new marketing facilities in France. The growth path of Acorn Stairlifts is rising steadily.



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