Mobility in the elderly is a freedom issue

People with mobility issues rate the factor of independence as the single biggest impediment in their lives. It is a tacit admission that even though the spirit is willing the flesh is letting them down. The other factor concerning mobility occurs due to falls and fractures of the hip (in most cases) or arthritic conditions which leave the joints so inflamed that walking up and down the stairs is a painful problem. This is the period when the elderly need to figure out whether moving is an option? Sentiments and comfort zone factors come into play here causing untold distress in the people’s lives.

One of the best options at this stage is to consult whether a Stairlift is a right choice. This mobility device can counter the above reasons rather well

·         Living in familiar dwelling is retaining comfort zone of living

·         Degree of independence in moving from floor to upper floor increases mobility

·         Less despairing moments leads to relaxed state of mind


The next step generally involves checking reviews of Stairlifts. Going through Acorn Stairlift complaints both positive and negative reviews are balanced. From the tone of the negative reviews it can be surmised that there, is a commonality to the language and issues such as technicians arriving late (fifteen minutes), 24-hour help desk not available (there is a definite need for this) and teething technical problems just after installation (standard for all Stairlift manufacturers). Credit is due to consumers’ highlighting in Acorn Stairlift complaint forums allowing this leader in Stairlift manufacturing to improve customer care. The company Acorn is listening and improving as witnessed by record sales in the year 2015 giving them the necessary impetus to increase marketing facilities in Franc and Asia. As a global leader selling more than 400,000 units in 23 years, Acorn Stairlift owes its customers and potential users, customer care of the highest standard and be the benchmark for other manufacturers.

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